Legend of Raven's Curse

There is a place on the outskirts of Centralia, Illinois where locals are too afraid to go. Legend has it that an ancient, evil creature known only as The Raven wanders the area and curses anyone who sets foot there. There are tales throughout history of

people and places that The Raven has terrorized and the carnage he has caused. This is one of those stories…


Many years ago a wealthy doctor, Alexander Hemsworth, built a state of the art asylum on the edge of Centralia and constructed his family home nearby so he would always be close to the hospital. Shortly after construction was complete and the asylum was operational, Dr. Hemsworth began to be visited in his dreams by The Raven. Night after night, The Raven would show Dr. Hemsworth disturbing visions and whisper unspeakable things to him. Dr. Hemsworth began to change during this time and the “treatments”

at the asylum began to change as well to what any reasonable person would call torture with many patients not surviving the inhuman conditions.  After many months of this, Dr. Hemsworth finally broke and late one evening in 1954 the doctor brutally murdered his entire family before heading to the asylum and dispatching of all the staff and patients inside as well. The police described the scene as “absolutely horrific”, but they never found Dr. Hemsworth and he was never heard from again.


Today, Hemsworth Estate and the asylum sit vacant. Many claim that the property is still haunted by the ghosts of the asylum staff, the patients and the Hemsworth family. Some say they have even seen Dr. Hemsworth himself wandering the grounds at night. Will you survive a trip through the old Hemsworth family home and the decrepit asylum...or will Dr Hemsworth make sure you never leave? Can you survive the Raven's Curse?"


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